Life can sometimes get overwhelming with all the stressors at play – and probably the only way to feel sane from this could actually be for you to stay organised. Getting organised takes time but once you get the gist of it, it’ll be a breeze! Even the most well-planned person has to cultivate healthy habits to stay disciplined.

To start off, you can probably get a notebook or physical diary to plan out your activities and appointments. Sure, online calendars and digital applications may be quite handy with all the synchronisation and the convenience they bring about. However, they certainly do not give you any room for flexibility like the physical notebook does, not to mention the excessive notifications and in-app crashes. If you’re looking for a way to get the most out of your notebook and stay organised, here are 6 simple tips you can try.

1. Brand New Notebook

Buying something new is always exciting, and choosing a brand-new notebook should not be any different. Take your time in choosing the perfect diary that reflects your personality – you will definitely enjoy using it more often!

For a start, get a brand-new notebook with fresh pages for you to fill up as you go about accomplishing your tasks. You will be amazed to see how stress free you will be, with all those assignments neatly listed out. Eventually, it will be a habit to organise everything in that new diary and you will have an increased motivation towards the things you hope to achieve.


2.Bullet Journal 

So, what exactly is bullet journaling? For those who are new to it, this is an age-old technique that has been proven to save time and keep things logged in a readable, yet organised format. For a start, decide on your preferred design and style of bulleting and start logging! For the advance “bulleters” – go a step further and create different chapters within your notebook to correlate across different topics – like a habit tracker or a health log to keep track of your #healthgoals. You can basically decide the design and formatting that fits your style.

If you are aiming to be more organised, bullet journaling is probably the best organisational system out there that is creative, flexible and adaptable!



3.Daily Checklist

Ever feel overwhelmed with 101 things to do but can’t find a way to get started? A daily checklist is your go-to solution. As simple as it sounds, you’ll be surprised at how effective it is at organising your tasks! A simpler version of bullet journaling, doing up a daily checklist can be useful in several ways including reminders, getting things done on time, or as a priority list. Plus, checking it off or crossing out from the list after you’ve completed the task will be so satisfying. For the travel nomads, consider getting a pocket-sized diary that will be handy to bring around, while for those at the workplace can opt for the regular-sized diaries to keep track of your full day schedule.

4.“Thinking space”

Do you find yourself having random thoughts or eureka moments but have nowhere to scribble on? Getting yourself a notebook with a space for “inspiration moments” is definitely a smart move to declutter your thoughts and stay more organised! If you are one of those with a bunch of ideas doodled on papers or post-it notes, the best advice is probably to get a notebook to stay inspired with that space and greater productivity will follow. I’m sure no one wants to just tuck their great ideas somewhere and forget all about it!



5.Beat procrastination with time chunks journaling

Having a timeline with precise timing to completing tasks is an integral part of being more organised. Without the time chunks in place, you may find yourself procrastinating and potentially missing important deadlines. You may even find yourself rushing to complete your projects most of the time without any deadlines forcing you to stay focus. A quick glance at the timeline can definitely let you know which tasks should be your priority and help you better manage your time!



6.Check in daily

 Doing a daily check in will give you the sense of achievement once you’ve realised you have accomplished the tasks planned for the day. Cultivating this routine will certainly stimulate you to plan for the next day to keep the positive momentum going. Unlike an online application, a notebook actually gives you the space and flexibility you need to make the appropriate changes immediately. Checking your notebook frequently will ultimately shape you into a more organised person.

Organising your life may seem like a chore but once you make the first move, it will definitely keep you going. Cultivate good habits with the help of these tips and you will find yourself one step closer to becoming a more organised person.

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