Valentine’s Day 2016: Gift Ideas for her

Valentine’s Day is one of those overly commercialised days that EVERY girl falls for (I mean every! Even if they won’t admit it!) , so on this VERY important day, we want you to get it right! Sure roses are a traditional favourite and designer bags never go out of style, but besides the cliché chocolates, flowers or a handwritten card, what other V’day gifts will be the perfect reason for the season?

Here are 3 special gifts we think will earn you some extra brownie points.

– – –

1. Diamante Buckles and Bows

Pazzion Silver and Gold
<Pazzion Silver and Gold>

Go forth with a pair of closed-toe heels or flats from Pazzion, perfect for that casual affair or a night out around town. With a selection of heels, loafers, and flats that shimmer in silver and gold, conjure up the celebratory mood like no other. Trust me, every girl wouldn’t mind a new pair of ‘dress up’ for those precious feet.






2.Samsonite S16 Ladies Handbag

<Samsonite City Air Collection>

If your lady happens to be one of those ‘alpha’ ( I can do anything and everything for myself) females, then this ones for you!

With Samsonite’s latest CITY AIR s16 ladies handbag, the tone-on-tone colours of Black and Red will accentuate the personality of your ‘bold woman’. Take your pick from atote-style shopper bag, a super spacious backpack, or a chic satchel with detachable shoulder straps, all clad in shiny nickel studs and embossed lettering. (very fierce!)




Allove Ring
<Allove Ring>

We’re in 2016 but you know what, diamonds are still a girl’s best friend! (i’m pretty sure that hasn’t changed in FOREVER).

If you’re one of those people who enjoy ‘spoiling the market’ then this is one of the gifts you’re going to have to consider! ion

The ALLOVE Diamond collection is the WORLD’s  first ever,  to boast 81 facets that feature 10 symmetrical hearts and arrow diamonds.

Paired with a romantically sincere card, I am almost certain you’ll be in her good books for the remaining year!





Contributor : Keith Jonathan