Sometimes, when you get asked about your occupation, or what you do for a living, and your response is “I work in an agency”. The reaction you get is usually: “Wow! That means late nights, lots of coffee, glam events and the occasional meeting of a celebrity!”


Ever wondered what its like to be an AGENCY MUM? (full time mother, full time #agencylife)? I won’t lie, as sometimes it’s so exhausting you wondered why you would attempt both at the same time, but on other days, I am empowered by the fact that I am able to still have time for MYSELF, FAMILY and FRIENDS! (The three key things in my #YOLO life). Want to know what my typical day is like? READ ON!


6.30am  (I’ll be honest, I do oversleep sometimes!)

At this time of the morning, most people are still asleep! My two year old son is still enjoying his little dreams. I take this time to get my ‘ME-time’ out of the way. I go for a 40-minute run, or spend an hour in the gym. As a Virgo, I’m a natural thinker, and usually have my day planned out. (By the way, if you’ve never seen the ‘DARK’ in the morning , besides the late party nights, the scent of the flowers are SO STRONG, you wonder if you were still dreaming!)


I’m usually home by this time, enjoying my first cup of coffee and waiting for the little man to get up! When he does, we scoot around in his little ‘car’ for about 15 minutes before we have breakfast together and get ready for the day!


We’re out the door and in the car!! I get to my son’s school for about 8.45am and am usually in the office by 9.15am (depending on the crazy traffic!)

9.30am to about 12.30pm 

#AGENCYLIFE happens. E-mails, meetings, pitches, event planning, and the list goes on.


Rush out of the office, jump in my car, and get to school to pick the little boy up on most days.


Drop him home, have a quick lunch and I’m usually back in the office by 2pm for my next gig!

2.00pm to about 7.00pm

I don’t think I need to go through the gist of it. Proposals, proposals and more proposals. We do work late sometimes but I’ll be honest. On most days, we are able to leave on time. (I believe that the work will always be there tomorrow, so unless there’s an urgent deadline, I much prefer the balanced life we adopt at our agency!)




Since I’ve shared my typical #AGENCYMUM day with you, do you think you’re up for the challenge? I think, we’ve only got one chance at this thing called ‘life’, and we have to make it worth it!