In case you are still clueless (or just trying to forget) about the impending big day of the year, we would like to share a gentle reminder that Mother’s Day is fast approaching on 8 May 2016. Celebration does not have to always be associated with the hassle of cracking your brain over choosing gifts or dining places to bring your mother out for an unforgettable experience. Save the hassle for figuring where to put your credit cards and let us provide you with a simple Mother’s Day guide to pamper your mother (of course, you’ll be the one paying for everything!).


Lipault Lady Plume Bowling Bag S - Dark LavenderFor the Vacationer

If you want to escape from the sweltering heat over the weekend, don’t forget to bring your mother along! Show her the world -shining, shimmering, and hopefully, splendid. Well, before you go on your magic carpet ride, you will need to pack for your trip to look fabulously gorgeous. Now, we all know each passenger is allowed up to two hand-carry bags on board and what could be more embarrassing than to look like a princess hauling oversized bags that scream mismatch (no, it is not the title of a new Disney movie).


Fortunately, we have just the right solution for you to avoid being caught in such an embarrassing situation (well, we all hate Murphy but sometimes he likes to drop us a surprise visit in life). Sharing the whole new world with you, the Lipault Spring/Summer 2016 Collection provides you with the best of both worlds –versatility of style matched with fashion-forward design of the products. Apart from the bowling bags and handbags, Lipault also offers a range of tres-chic luggage that guarantees to complete your entire ensemble so that you look like a Disney princess (I saw Prince Charming down the street a while ago!).


SLEEPING AREA - low resFor the Staycationer

Need a place to unwind and catch up on life without all the hassle of preparing for an overseas trip? We have just the right solution for you. Tucked in the heart of Ann Siang Road, The Club Hotel brings you back to the colonial days with its colonial-style design while at the same time putting you just within walking distance to unique restaurants and bars – your very own Alice in Wonderland experience right here in tropical Singapore. A little indulgence for you and your mother will guarantee to colour your father with an envious green of jelly.



Deliveroo - Fix Cafe

For the Foodie

Singapore is a natural food heaven and we are all too familiar with being caught in the situation of not being able to decide on a place to dine at. Still deciding where to go for your Mother’s Day brunch? Why not head over to Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s for a scrumptious brunch – they even have a Mother’s Day menu created especially for you! No, it’s actually for your mother..and guess what mums, you dine for FREE. Find out more here…

Feeling more Italian (ciao!) or Japanese (konnichiwa!) for the day? Visit Caffé B to enjoy the best of both worlds. A two-level establishment (restaurant and bar), Caffé B serves Italian food with a Japanese fusion to it. Opt for their luxurious 5-course Mother’s Day menu that the chef has put together with all the love to give your mother the best that she deserves – wine pairing option also available. Find out more here…

Sometimes dining out can be tiring, especially when you have a big family to take care of. Give mums a break and let someone else do the cooking this time. With over a thousand restaurants to choose from and countless food options, you will take comfort to know that there is only one number you need to call for your in-house dining pleasure. From ratatouille to cheese soufflé that you see in Disney movies, you will be sure to find that special dish to satisfy your cravings. Think delivery, think Deliveroo.


SK Jewellery - Swan PendantFor the Shopper

Want to get your mother a present to commemorate the special day but no time to go shopping, have to work overtime, need to spend time with your significant other half, want to spend more time with your children..enough said. Get your mother a special gift to show your appreciation without breaking your bank (in a sense your mother is priceless so everything you buy compared to that falls under the ‘affordable’ category).

Undecided on what gift best suits your mother? (hint: mothers love gold) SK Jewellery, a home-grown jewellery brand has just the right gift you need – a range of jewellery specially designed for Mother’s Day. From the thoughtful 999 Pure Gold items to the dainty pendants, you can definitely find the suitable gift for your mother! Do not miss this golden opportunity!

Your mother loves you (and your family) unconditionally but let’s face it – deep, deep down she also loves one more thing – shoes! Give your mother the ultimate Cinderella experience (not the Cinderella in the kitchen but the one wearing glass slippers) by bringing her down to Pazzion. From quality shoes made of calf leather and lambskin to other smaller leather goods such as clutches, handbags, and purses, you can be ‘shoe-ure’ that your mother will want to buy up the entire shop.

To Sum It All Up

Mothers are one of the most noble people on earth (apart from the Nobel Prize winners – they are truly noble too) and what other ways than to pamper them on this special day and show them that there will be no worries for the rest of their days. “Hakuna matata”!

We hope that the list of ideas above will delight your mother so that she will give you more brownie points (to exchange for future concessions from her). A word of advice: heed our advice if you want to survive Mother’s Day – when mothers say that they do not need/want gifts for Mother’s Day, they really want those gifts. To the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day! And to the children out there, Happy Credit Card Day!