The best experience comes from an internship. Although it can be exciting and intimidating at the same time, memorable or run-of-the-mill in hindsight, internship allows you to learn the ropes of the industry, gain first-hand insights into the working world. More significantly, it helps you grow as a person as you discover your strengths, weaknesses and interests, refine your goals and find your direction in life.

To say the least, internships are of great value in your career start but making the most out of it is another thing. Thankfully, my 6-month internship stint at PR Communications has exceeded my expectations of what I would take out of this experience.

Below are a few reasons how my internship has helped me grow into a confident, proudly outspoken person.

You become a more independent person

Contrary to what fresh graduates perceive, internship is not about being spoon-fed or being under constant supervision. This is a great opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility (if you haven’t already) and challenge yourselves to meaningfully contribute to the overall company. We are all encouraged to take responsibility and work independently – after all responsibility is a crucial life skill – but even if we make mistakes or find ourselves lost, there will always be someone who will help. Don’t fear because no one will throw you in the deep end.

You learn how to manage your time better

When everything seems to be overwhelming and stressful, and 24 starts begins to feel like it isn’t enough, it is important to speak up and not suffer in silence. You could either have a word with your supervisors (someone who could possibly give you great advice) or reflect on your time management.

Time management is vital in every circumstance, whether you are in school, in the office, meeting deadlines or even simply doing housework. To manage your time efficiently, create a to-do-list and prioritize tasks with tight deadlines. It is also great to work ahead when you can because the last thing you would want is to handle last minute tasks or having an anxiety breakdown with 1000 things going on.

You become a stronger team player and a confident person

Another misconception that most people have, is that interns play a small role. This is not exactly so. As mentioned, interns can contribute to the overall company if they want to and put their heart and soul into doing it right. Most often, interns will get the opportunity to work in teams, be it brainstorming for ideas or working on a proposal. You experience the magic of working in teams if you understand the dynamics of the group, be flexible and play a role in helping the team reach its objectives. During this process, it also helps you to build and improve your confidence when you are given responsibility in the team and accomplish something together.

Essentially, believing in yourself is the first step to success and internship builds the confidence from there.

An internship experience varies from person to person. Ultimately, it is your mindset that shapes everything. For me, not only did I grow as a person, but I also learnt more about this industry. The biggest takeaway is the friendships forged with everyone in PR Communications – something I never imagined.