The word ‘holiday’ always conjures up exciting travels and endless fun but in reality, it is often troublesome, scary and down-right exhausting. A train delay ruins plans; you’re lost and miles away from your destination; and the ultimate Instagram Nightmare – leaving your holiday with zilch beautiful photos of yourself.

At times like this, a good travel buddy will make things right and save the day. Forget about the love of your life, you have more important issues at hand which is to find the best friend who is willing to spend many days on the road with you, go the extra mile and make the worse seem like the best (or at least, manageable). And this person is probably in public relations.

Here are five reasons why you should bring someone from PR with you on your next holiday:

1) We will get you the Likes

As we’re always scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest (for work, of course), so we’re fully aware of the newest photography trend that will make you look like a superstar.

On my latest trip to Tokyo, we went to the Nakameguro Cherry Blossom Festival and my dad and brother decided to grab a cold beer by the roadside. Determined to not have just another beer picture, I whipped out my phone and set it to the Boomerang feature. With just a quick snap, it went from boring ol’ picture to an infinitely hilarious one. Not only does it stand out from the thousands of other posts, it showed a sweet interaction between my brother and dad, and garnered more Facebook likes than we normally would. #winning

impressed Rock

2) We will get you through the good, bad and terrible days

Be it walking the Shibuya crossing, sipping champagne at champ élysées or looking for good bargains at Chatuchuk, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone interesting exploring with you? Those of us who in this career love the variety in our job and find it fun and exciting so we’d be perfect.

After all, we travel to gain new experiences and to enjoy ourselves. Nobody wants a party pooper on their hands. Plus, when your day is ruined because your hotel room is not ready and you’re terribly jet-lagged, you would want a travel buddy who will be able to look on the bright side and adapt well.

Because we strive to present our clients in compelling and interesting ways, we keep up with the latest trends and events, such as the newest restaurants in town, the new novel sporting attraction, and even the latest innovation in blockchain technology. So hey, if you want someone willing to try new things with, you know who to look for!

angry tom hiddleston
3) We’re calm and composed

Lost your phone whilst sampling uni in Tsukiji market? No problem. In the time you take to double-back to the place you last saw your phone, your buddy would have already pulled up a list of the nearest electronics store and called them to reserve the exact same model for you. And still have time to order another plate of fresh uni.

Not to say that we will always know where to get new phones, but we are cool and calm under pressure, that it has become second nature to us to pause, think ahead and activate plan B.  

cool phone
4) We will be your Human Selfie Stick

Somewhat related to the 1st point – why bring a selfie stick, when you can have a human selfie stick who will self-position themselves to take amazing photos of you without much effort, so that you’ll look on pointe. Joke aside, those in this industry can agree to having had to work with creatives and media often they have developed an eye for aesthetics.

rihanna red carpet

5) You will never miss your train again

One of the most underrated traits of the perfect travel buddy, punctuality goes a long way when your holiday is dependent on multiple transportation options all running on different schedules. Tracking transport schedules come easily to them as they are well-versed in remembering different schedules and managing urgent deadlines all at once. They will cross-check the ferry schedule the week before the holiday, double-check it the day before the trip, and triple-check on the day of, just in case.

Behind the glitz and glamour in #agencylife, we often have to juggle multiple clients and numerous media activities whilst problem solving on-the-go which hone our superb organizational skills – a bonus benefit for you. With us by your side, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy your aperitivo!