Everyone is familiar with that one annoying, overly happy colleague that comes into the office early, and has already completed several tasks before sunrise. Well… that person is me! In today’s blog post I will give you five reasons to set your alarm clock a bit earlier from now on and start your day energized with my little secret: an early morning workout!

1) More Energy Throughout The Day
This one is quite straightforward. We all know that exercising is good for body and soul, so with an early morning workout you can enjoy the nice endorphins running through your veins during the rest of your day. Bonus effect is that with this energy and positive mindset, you get things done quicker as well. No more desk naps!

2) You Get To Eat Two Breakfasts
Calling all foodies out there! As a meal before hitting the gym is as important as refueling post-exercising, going to the gym in the morning means you can have two breakfasts. Focus on carbs pre-workout, and munch on proteins to refuel afterwards.

3) More Free Time After Working Hours
My personal favourite! With an early training in the pocket, you can focus on other fun stuff after working hours. Even if you spend the evening on the couch in lazy mode, you won’t feel guilty as you have already finished your gym session like twelve hours ago already. Whatever you want to do, the evening is yours!

4) It’s Easier To Avoid Unhealthy Snacking
With the effort to get up early and hit the gym, you will definitely think twice before ordering an unhealthy lunch. So once you start your day off in a healthy way, you are more likely to maintain a balanced lifestyle. A clear win-win situation right?!

5) You Need Less Time To Get Ready For Work
Hitting the gym before going to work means you will need to decide on your OOTD before you leave for your training. The good thing is that the actual getting ready will be smoother, as you won’t have any opportunity to doubt what you will be wearing. No style crises means time saving!