What you didn’t know about MR #PRGURU.

The man himself, Eric Chan, speaks about his passion for nurturing young talent, fishes and grand kids! 

– – –


1.We all know you have been in the industry for over 25 years, tell us your observations, the good and the bad?

In the last 5 years, I have seen the PR business model change drastically, with more emphasis leaning towards online media and social media. With that said,  the mainstream media outlets such as the dailies, TV and radio, are still very much part of our lives.  I also noticed that more and more young people are joining the industry. I believe that it’s not the seniority or the experience that counts, its the fresh ideas and creativity that the young people bring to the table, this is a great thing to see! 

Unfortunately though, in the last +- 10 years, we have not seen an increase in our professional fees. Times have changed and I think in this line of business, people really do deserve more recognition.


2.What’s in it for the next generation of budding PR practitioners? What’s your best advice for them?

 I think the most important thing in this line of work is Passion. It is extremely vital for you to achieve success in this career.


3.What’s a typical day for you like?

I’m usually up at 7am, I have my breakfast with my grandson when I can (they live upstairs!). When he goes off to school, I try and get half an hour of exercise in before I start checking my emails. I like having discussions and also work on new proposals first thing in the morning as my mind is fresh from a good night’s rest. 

Lunch is usually somewhere in the vicinity or at my desk (I get good food, thanks to our client’s delivery service, Deliveroo). In the afternoons, I’m usually at business meetings with clients or meeting potential new clients. I  try to be out of the office at 7pm unless there are urgent matters that need attending to. Overseas conference calls with America or the UK are usually done at the end of a working day (due to the time difference!).

It’s a pretty ”full on” day for me but I thoroughly enjoy it! 


4.Now, let’s skip the serious stuff, tell us something we DON’T ALREADY KNOW.

Most people who know me well enough will know I spend most of my time doing these things :

  • Coming up with exciting new strategies  with #Teamprcomms
  • Enjoying the company of my Discus fishes ( I have many of them at home!
  • Babysitting my 2 year old grand-son Callum (I haven’t mastered the nappy
    changing yet!)